Maltreatment investigations

The maltreatment report is distributed from the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center (MAARC/CEP) to the lead investigative agency within two business days of receipt of the report. If there is any reason to believe that a crime has been committed, law enforcement is required to initiate a response immediately.

The mandated reporter may request an initial disposition of the report from the lead investigative agency. The request is made at the time of the MAARC/CEP report The lead investigative agency will provide this information within five business days of receipt of the report, provided that the notification will not endanger the vulnerable adult or hamper the investigation.

Conducting maltreatment investigations

There are three agencies that can take the lead in conducting the maltreatment investigation. MS 626.5572, Subd. 13 defines the LEAD INVESTIGATIVE AGENCY as:

The primary administrative agency responsible for investigating reports made under section MS 626.557.

(a) The Department of Health is the lead investigative agency for the facilities which are licensed or are required to be licensed as hospitals, home care providers, nursing homes, residential care homes, or boarding care homes.

(b) The Department of Human Services is the lead investigative agency for the programs licensed or required to be licensed as adult day care, adult foster care, programs for people with developmental disabilities, mental health programs or chemical health programs.

(c) The county social service agency or its designee is the lead investigative agency for all other reports, including reports involving vulnerable adults receiving services from an unlicensed personal care provider organization under section MS 256.0659.