Test your knowledge

Let's try another example. Choose the correct response.

Meet Anna:

Anna, appears very fragile.  She is very thin and uses a walker.  You notice that she has bruises on the inside of her arm that appear to be the size of fingertips.  When you ask her how she got those bruises she avoids the conversation.  You know that her adult son comes home some weekends and you have heard Anna complain about his temper and alcohol consumption.  You know that he is not staying with her now, but you’re concerned that when he comes back she won’t be safe. 

What should you do? Click the letter next to the correct answer.

Letter A buttonCall 911.

 Letter B buttonCall the MAARC/ CEP and make a report of suspected maltreatment.

Letter C buttonAsk your mom to talk with Anna again to see if she will talk about the bruising.

Letter D buttonDo nothing and assume that she can care for herself.