Communication tips for navigating the course

This course is designed for full screen reader accessibility. If you are sighted, you will notice that bold text is also capitalized. Rest assured, no one is yelling at you! Typically, screen readers do not pick up bold text. However, most screen readers are set to differentiate capital letters, so we have capitalized bold information in an effort for all people taking this course have access to the exact same information.

Let's take a few minutes to locate navigational information. At the top left of the page, underneath the Department of Human Services logo, are links on the public Web site to the DHS HOME page and the AGING HOME page. These links will open into new windows, separate from the course material. Close the window by clicking the close (X) button located at the top right of the window.

The menu items below and to the right of the divisional links are the links related to the course materials. These links will also open in a separate window to help make navigation easier.

  • The TABLE OF CONTENTS link will take you to a list of all the items covered in this training.
  • The CASE STUDIES link provides direct access to the situational scenarios for this training.
  • The MN STATUTE link takes you to the legislative language related to mandated reporting.
  • The RESOURCES link provides you with a quick listing of additional places to go with questions or who to call for further information.
  • At the bottom of each page is a CONTINUE link that will take you to the next page. If you want to go back a page, simply use the BACK link also located at the bottom of the page.

Throughout the module, you will see the following alert symbol:

Minnesota Department of Health Special Instructions Link MINNESOTA DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (MDH) SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS.

This symbol means that there are special instructions from MDH for certain situations. This link will open a new window to those instructions. After reviewing the information, close the window to return to the course.