Test your knowledge

Let's try another example. Read the situation and answer the question below.

Meet Robert:

Robert is 18 years old and lives in an adult foster care home. Robert enjoys playing video games and owns all of the latest games. One evening while talking with a staff person named Jeff, Robert says that he sure wishes he could get his video golf game disk back from the staff person who works on the weekend. Jeff asks Robert some questions and Robert says that he “loaned” the game disk to a weekend staff person two weeks ago.  Robert tells Jeff that he did not really want to loan the game to the weekend staff person and told him so, but the staff person took the game anyway and said he would return it in two weeks when he worked again.  As they are talking, the weekend staff person comes into work, gives Robert his game disk, and tells Robert “thanks.”

Should Jeff report this to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center(MAARC/CEP)?

Click the button next to the correct answer.

Yes buttonYes, the game disk is the property of Robert and the staff person “willfully withheld” the disk without legal authority.

No buttonNo, the weekend staff person was only borrowing the game disk and returned it.