Test your knowledge

Read the situation and answer the question below.

Meet Joel:

Joel is a young man who is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.  He attends an adult day program where he met a new friend, Jill.  Jill also attends the same day program and is diagnosed with depression.  You are the facilitator of a group session at the day program.  After group, Joel tells you that Jill has been “borrowing” money from him and now he is not able to pay his rent.  Joel stated when he asks Jill for his money back, she gets upset with him and calls him names.  This is very upsetting to Joel because he likes Jill.  You’re not sure how much money Jill has borrowed, but you are concerned about Joel and his ability to say “no” to Jill the next time she asks for money.  You are also concerned about Joel’s inability to pay his rent and fear he may get evicted.

Do you call the Common Entry Point the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center(MAARC/CEP)?

Click the button next to the correct answer.

Yes buttonYes, this situation should be reported to the Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center(MAARC/CEP).

No buttonNo, this situation does not require that a report be filed with thethe Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Center(MAARC/CEP).