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Special Needs Purchasing Meeting Registration

 New meetings are held periodically throughout the year. To view a list of previous meetings with the informational materials presented please refer to the DHS website. Please note: meeting topics and dates may change without notice. Registration is typically open 3 weeks prior to the meeting date.


Special Needs Purchasing Stakeholder's Meeting for Seniors and People with Disabilities in Managed Care: please note the new meeting date and location below.

Registration will open in early May for the next Friday, May 31, 2019 SNP stakeholder's meeting.

Date: Friday, May 31, 2019
Time: 1:00 pm  
Location: 444 Lafayette DHS building, Saint Paul, MN (room L3148)

Note: A visitor's badge is needed to attend the meeting at 444 Lafayette, please indicate if you plan to attend in-person so that your badge can be printed in advance and ready upon arrival. 

·        Check the “Special Needs” box on the next registration page to indicate you have a special need and a member of the Special Needs Purchasing team will contact you. A request may include the need for a language interpreter. (Note: ASL interpreters may take up to 4 weeks to schedule).

 To register, please select a meeting “Event” and then click “Next – Register”. If a meeting event is not listed in the dropdown list, it is not open yet for registration. By registering, you understand that the session may be videotaped or recorded with the possibility of your visual and audio likeness recorded for reproduction and distribution.