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The Minnesota Department of Human Services
Individual Personal Care Assistant Training
 Welcome to the Minnesota Department of Human Services Individual Personal Care Assistant (PCA) Training! Minnesota statute requires all PCAs to take pass a certification test. You may take the training and test as often as needed. However, you must pass:
  • Before enrolling with the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Within one year after training is available if already enrolled with DHS and affiliated with a PCA provider agency

This online course and test is free. You must register with DHS before taking the certification test.

User Instructions

DO NOT use the browser navigation buttons during the test.
It is important to take the test from start to finish as it may time out and you will have to start over.

Take the Course

 Every question shown with an asterisk, “*” is a mandatory question. There are questions on computers and language choices. Disability Services Division (DSD) will use your response to decide:
  • What types of training to offer
  • How to offer the training
  • What language translations might be needed to meet your needs

 When you pass the test, you will receive a certificate. Print a copy of this certificate for your records. You will also receive a copy in your email. You will need to show all employers a copy of this certificate before you can begin working as a PCA.
 To register, click the register button.
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 Canceling or Changing a Registration
 You will not be allowed to change a registration once it is submitted. You will need to cancel the initial registration and re-register again.
 You will be asked to enter your confirmation number and click Remove.
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